Don’t let the unknowns of choosing a suit get you down! At the Modern Groom, we believe that nothing looks greater than a sharp dressed man in a suit that fits him right. That’s why we use an online questionnaire, photos of you, and our experienced virtual stylists to help you when it comes to […]


5 Mistakes Grooms Make When Choosing a Suit

We know you’ve been wondering: should you rent or buy a suit for your wedding? Guys, it’s time to talk about what you’re going to wear for the big day. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and it’s important that you feel and look great. Even if you are the […]


Should You Rent or Buy A Suit For Your Wedding?

Wondering how to pick the perfect suit for your wedding? Styling the groom and groomsmen for a wedding today is as much about the aesthetics of the day as it is about the form and function of the suit after the wedding. This is not your high school prom! We are going to help you […]


How to pick the perfect suit for your wedding

When it comes to suiting the groom and his guys, we’ve got you covered from every angle! It doesn’t matter if you know your way around a suit pretty well, or if you’re more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, our virtual stylists can help you find the perfect suit for your wedding. […]


When Should You Order A Wedding Suit?

Want to know why we’re so passionate about making sure the groom looks good? Picture this: The bride is walking down the aisle. All eyes are on her as guests catch their first glimpse of her much-talked about gown. But, as she nears the top of the aisle, the groom comes into full view. Next […]


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