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The Modern Groom is the virtual suit store experience brought to you by Nick’s Menswear, the fastest growing suit company in Arizona.

Nick's Menswear, a family-owned and operated suit company in Arizona has been in business for 10 years and our team has over 100 years combined men's suit and clothing expertise. Customers not only rave about our suits and their excellent fit, but about the in-store experience. What makes Nick's Menswear (and now The Modern Groom) different is our straightforward and fashion-forward staff. Our styling and sales process is designed to be easy and informative, so you can have the confidence you need on the big day.

We focus on value, fashion, and fit. We sell thousands of suits a year and pride ourselves on our customer service.




Josh is the Co-Founder of The Modern Groom and has been in men's clothing industry for over 25 years. His sole focus is providing the best fit and the best service in the industry.

Michelle is the Director of Wedding Operations, with over 8 years of suiting and wedding experience. They call her "the fixer". If you have a problem, she'll solve it!

Jordan is the Director of Wedding Sales and the Lead Stylist for The Modern Groom. She has styled over 200 grooms at both Nick's Menswear and The Modern Groom.

Frequently asked questions

What is the ideal timeframe to get my wedding suit(s)?

We recommend 6 Months prior to your Wedding Date. 

However, if it is less than 6 months out we can still assist you! We place standard wedding party orders 2 months out from the wedding date. 

What if my wedding is less than 2 months out?

Depending on the timeframe we can expedite the order. We accept this on a case by case basis. Please book a virtual appointment as soon as possible or email us to further discuss.

When will my suit ship?

We need all wedding party measurements and payment prior to 2 months out from the wedding date.

Standard orders for wedding party members are shipped out 6 weeks from the wedding date. You will receive FedEx updates when your items have been shipped.

Do you carry colors outside of blue, grey and black?

We have our 5 main suit colors for a reason. We have a full inventory at our warehouse- we carry different fits and have a very large size run for each color of suit. Specialty suits do not have these features. They only go up to a certain size, and they cannot be split.

What are some common alterations needed?

The pant hem (just like a dress hem) is the only necessary alteration needed. Some other minor tailoring that may be needed/wanted depending on your height, weight, and build are shortening/lengthening the sleeves, taking in the jacket sides, or tapering the pant leg for an even slimmer look.

Are alterations included?

Alterations are not included but are minimal. The only necessary alteration is a pant hem. Our goal is to get everyone in the best fitting suit with the least amount of tailoring. Alterations are a case by case basis.

Do you carry slim fit?

Yes, we have multiple different slim styles as well as slim fit shirts.

What if something is too big/too small aka “Untailorable”?

We work with everyone one-on-one if they have questions on the fit once the package has been received. In the event that something is untailorable (way too big or way too small) we offer free exchanges!

What is the largest size you carry?

Our sizes range from a 34S-62L as well as a 56 waist pant.

Can we exclude the vest?

Our packages come as a three piece suit since you are owning the suit. If you do not want vests, you can simply have your wedding party not wear them, but the bonus is that they will have them for future use! Or, you can always bring them and put them on once the jacket comes off for the reception! It keeps everyone tucked in and looking great all night.

Can we add other people outside the wedding party - Dad’s, Siblings, Grandparents?

Yes, we can add other wedding party members, giving them complementary suit and tie colors so they complement the wedding party.

Do you sell suits for kids/THE ring bearer?

Though we only sell adult suits, we have recommendations for third party companies that you can buy prepackaged for the little ones online or in most major department stores.

What are your prices?

Our prices range from our base package, the Shea, which includes Jacket, Vest and Pants for $210, up to our Scottsdale Package, which includes Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shirt, Tie/Bow Tie, Pocket Square, Shoes, Belt & Socks for $350.

What if It’s just the groom?

We can still suit you up! Please email info@themoderngroom.com with details!

Do you carry shoes?

We offer a shoe, belt, and sock package for $89.99. We carry them in black and cognac brown.

What if wedding members are in other states?

We will provide you with a link for measurements and payment that you will send to the groomsmen. The form is easy to follow and even has sizing videos so your wedding party can measure themselves from the comfort of their own home. If there are any sizing questions, a wedding specialist will reach out to the individual and work out any issues.

I’m not getting married. Can I still get a suit?

We typically are wedding-focused, however in the event someone wants a single suit they can pay the retail price of $300. 

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